Armenia is an open-air museum and Yerevan is the flesh and blood of that museum. Yerevan is ancient but not old: a unique architectural mixture of the old and new, from modern high-rise buildings to Yerevan built from stones. 

 If you are already in Yerevan and thing what to do, start your trip from the heart and pride of Yerevan – Matenadaran, from the world's largest repository of ancient Armenian manuscripts and documents. 

 The works summarizing the leaps of thought of ancient and medieval Armenian thinkers and philosophers and the "living" testimonies of the permanence of Armenian life are brought together here.

Yerevan is rich with museums: if you visit Yerevan you should visit the historic museum of the city, “Erebuni” historic-cultural reserve, different writers, artists, painters’ house-museums to truly get acquainted to Yerevan, see the magical colors of Saryan, hear divine melody of Khachatryan

A visit to the house-museum of Sergey Parajanov in the ethnographic district “Dzoragyugh” is a kind of obligation for every tourist to understand and appreciate the complex and contradictory character of Parajanov as a creator, a person, a citizen and simply an Armenian.

In Yerevan you will enjoy visits to beautiful and manicured evening gardens: the Victory Park, Circular park, pantheon named after Komitas, where the corpse of a number of great Armenians are buried. 

Interesting surprises will accompany your visit to the park named after the Vardanyans, which was recently renovated with the help of the famous businessman Vardanyan family, where you will enjoy your pleasant tranquility around the melody of the famous fountains.  

And here at the top of Tsitsernakaberd, as a symbol of the permanence of the Armenian nation, in the rising memorial-complex and the Genocide Museum, you will get to know the testimonies of that cruel period in the history of the first nation in the world that experienced genocide. You will be a communicator of the endless aspiration, hope and faith of the Armenian people, which preserved this amazing nation and helped them to survive in the crossroads of 

If you are in Yerevan, then be sure to visit "Ararat wine-brandy-vodka factory", where the brand of Armenia, pure brandy, is produced from Armenian sun-drenched grapes in accordance with world brandy-making standards.

The biblical Mount Ararat is sacred to Armenians, both the life and its meaning are somehow connected to that mountain. Ararat is seen differently from different parts of Yerevan. But from the top of the Cascade, it is perceived in a completely different way: it seems that if you reach out your hand, you will embrace the whole mountain. You can go up to the height of the Cascade through the back of the statue of Tamanyan. On that way, you will come across the Gaphestchyan Art Center, which resembles an art gallery. In the museum shops you can buy unique art products from different origins of the world.

The cultural center named after Aznavour is located in the upper part of the Cascade, where the melodies of Aznavour songs will give you magical moments. Here you can attend various concerts and exhibitions. 

The singing fountains of the Republic Square are a unique indicator of sophistication. You never get tired of watching the incomparable dancing of the fountains to the beautiful music.

Yerevan is full of various places where you can stop to take meals: restaurants, bistros, pubs, cafes for every taste and refined palate.

 Yerevan's night life is also interesting, which starts after midnight and continues until dawn. various music halls, karaokes are ready to serve the most capricious visitor.

Yerevan also belongs to children. Here you can find what to in Yerevan for children. They have their favorite places: Zoo, Yerevan Park, Water Park, where they can enjoy incredible attractions and participate in interesting games in addition to relaxing.

And if you need to go shopping or just enjoy shopping, you can visit Yerevan's famous shopping centers and malls, where you will find brand and fashionable clothes and products suitable for any taste.