Spring – is the best time for travel. In Armenia this is the most pleasant time of the year: it is not yet hot, but sunny, with mild wind, and trees in gentle emerald greenery. Everything here makes you joyous – people, nature, and even the stones seem to smile and enjoy the warmth. The sky in Armenia is never as bright blue as spring. And our pearl - Lake Sevan is more beautiful than ever. The water in it is still cool but already attracts the brave. We offer you to celebrate May Holidays in Armenia. This program will introduce you to the most famous landmarks that have become the symbols of our country.

The season of extreme tourism starts in Spring. Horseback riding, kayaking, hiking of varying lengths and difficulties, and off-road tours - these and other extreme tours will give you real pleasure.

For our guests from Muslim countries we have prepared a special tour package – “Ramadan”.  They can celebrate the end of the holy month in hospitable Armenia.

History of Armenia

Holidays in early May can be remembered not for picnics only. During these days we offer to get acquainted with the historical attractions of Armenia. They will make your May holidays unforgettable.

Do you want to see how our ancestors lived a thousand years ago? Visit Birds Cave. You will see the oldest winery in Armenia. Excavations carried out here have revealed artifacts dating back to the early Bronze Age, including the world's oldest leather shoe, which is 5,000 years old. In 2010, National Geographic - the American television channel prepared a special report about the unique treasures of the cave. The Christian page of our history begins with Khor Virap. Here, in a deep pit prison, Grigor Lusavorich, the future enlightener of Armenia, languished for 13 years.


In the 7th century, a monastery was erected on this site. Khor Virap is one of the Armenian shrines, hundreds of pilgrims visit it every year.

On the ledge of a narrow gorge, astonishingly imaginative Noravank towers, are famous for their sheer red-brick cliffs.


Noravank in Armenia

 This is the pinnacle of creativity of the outstanding architect Momik. In the XII-XIV centuries, the monastery was the residence of the bishops of Syunik and the princes of Orbelyan, a major spiritual center. You can visit all these sights by taking the tour - "All Antiquities in One Day".

Amberd Castle on the slope of Aragats, "a fortress in the clouds", was erected in the 7th-10th centuries and was finally destroyed in the 13th century. During its long history, it was the residence of several princely dynasties, an outpost on the path of the Seljuk Turks and the Mongols. The castle still keeps many secrets: underground passages, irrigation systems, and the ruins of a three-story palace - a real treasure for history buffs.

The second largest city in Armenia, its cultural capital, and a witness to many historical events is the city of Gyumri. Antiquity and modernity, man-made masterpieces, and formidable reminders of the merciless power of the elements coexist side by side on its streets. But at the same time, the people of Gyumri are famous for their wit, optimism, and energy. In spring, Gyumri is wonderful: soft nature, gentle sun, and young people on the streets. We offer you a May excursion to the capital of humor.


Best things to do in Armenia in Spring