One more holiday is added to everyone's favorite May holidays - the appearance of the sign of the Holy Cross. This year the Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates it on May 7th. All churches will have a festive service.

Armenia is the first country in the world to adopt Christianity. And the history of our country cannot be imagined without monasteries and temples.

 The whole world knows Etchmiadzin - the spiritual and religious center of Armenia, the residence of the head of the Armenian Apostolic Church. The oldest Christian cathedral is incomparable surrounded by flowering trees.

 The spiritual and cultural center of medieval Armenia was the Tatev Monastery. An excursion to Tatev will become one of the most memorable events of your May holidays in Armenia. And to visit our country and not see the majestic Geghard carved into the rock is simply impossible. We offer several tours during which you can visit this amazing monastery complex.


 We are proud of the unique monument of ancient architecture - the pagan temple of Garni. It recently entered the ranking of the most beautiful buildings in the world, preserved from the time of the Roman Empire.



Famous cultural places in Armenia