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Brief information about Armenia, interesting travel tips & best thing to do


General information about Armenia

Geographical Information about Republic of Armenia

The Republic of Armenia is located in the South Caucasus. Its current area is 29800 sq.m. km. It is located at an average altitude of 1800 m above sea level. Armenia borders Georgia to the north, Iran to the south, Turkey to the west, and Azerbaijan to the east. The highest peak here is Mount Aragats, 4090 m high, the lowest is the Debed River gorge (400 m). 

Armenia: An Ancient Civilisation

With a recorded history of more than 3,500 years, Armenia is home to one of the world’s oldest civilisations.

Christianity in Armenia

The great Arsacid King Tiridates III (or Trdat III) declared Christianity as the state religion in 301 AD, making Armenia the first Christian state in the world. The Armenian Apostolic Church is considered one of the oldest national churches and Christian communities. The care center is the Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin.

Is Yerevan - the capital city of Armenia older than Rome?

With nearly 2,800 years of history, Yerevan is one of the oldest continuously operating capitals in the world – 29 years older than Rome!

Things to see in Armenia

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The best entertainment places in Armenia

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Masterclasses and degustation in Armenia

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Useful information about Armenia

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What to do and where to go in Armenia

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Museums and galleries in Yerevan

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Theatres, cinemas and concert halls in Yerevan

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Wine and brandy factories in Armenia

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Things to do in Armenia for kids

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Shopping centers in Yerevan

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