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Mastara church


In the village of Mastara the famous church of Mastara is located – the Church St. Hovhannes, which is one of the oldest and most refined structures of medieval Armenia. The architectural solutions of the church. The Greek inscription on the church’s wall suggest that it was built in the 5th century.

The church of St. Hovhannes is unique in its architectural style, and similar churches are called “mastarayatip churches”, that means churches like Mastara (for example, Harichavank). The prayer hall of the church is square, the drum is octagonal outside, the corners are cut in triangular recesses. The church is unique in its interior with full, wide, dome and bottom dimensions, perfectly balanced for a prayer character, a wide dome and powerful carriages, power and masculinity. The Church of Mastara was restored many times, especially in the 7th century by the monastic Grigoras.


5-th century


Aragatsotn region

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