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Hnevank monastery


Monastery complex Hnevank is an architectural monument of Armenia, located on the right bank of the river Dzoraget. In the current dilapidated complex stood three churches, courtyards, residential, economic and additional buildings. The main church (VII century) is an outside rectangular and inside cross-shaped structure. Dome drum is octagon – shaped from outside, with sculptures in arches.

According to the Georgian inscription on the lower part of the dome, the church was restored in 1154 by Smbat – the son of Ivane Orbelyan. There were only a few columns left from the western part of the porch. On the southern side of the Hnevank complex, the domed church with a semicircular altar is relatively well preserved. One of the features of Hnevank is that there are absolutely no khachkars (Armenian cross stones) there. This indicates that the monastery remained chalcedonian until very late times. Unfortunately, it is not known when the monastery decayed and was abandoned.


7-th century


Lori region

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