Do you like horseback riding then you will be interested in what you will read in this article.


  • Equestrian schools were established in European countries in the 15th century 
  • Since 648 BC equestrian competitions were included in the ancient Greek Olympic Games.
  • Horse riding has been known in Armenia since pagan times. It was an inseparable part of the old Armenian festivals.

In 1920, the first competitions of our time were organized in Armenia.

And in 1949 the only horse races of the republic were organized in Yerevan.

Horse riding is now very popular in the field of tourism. 

The geographical location and relief of Armenia, particularly Lori region, create perfect conditions for a pleasant and adventurous trip. Horse riding in Armenia, in addition to being an active and healthy form of tourism, also creates a great opportunity to discover the open-air museum, full of many historical and cultural monuments and natural monuments.

You can enjoy the company of one of the smartest animals, the horse, in Armenia. It is now available for both riding enthusiasts and beginners.

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1. Horse riding & Archaeological hike in northern Armenia

During this hike you will discover the beautiful trails of Ardenis village, you will completely relax in the lap of nature.

The campaign includes: 

  • Riding (5 km) 
  • Archaeological walk (2 km)


2. Horse riding in Dzoraget gorge

During this trip you will ride along the edge of Debed gorge to the rocky Tsater Monastery hanging from the edge of the gorge. After that, we aregoing down to Dzoraget valley. After relaxing on the river, you will continue the horseback riding along the river, crossing the bridge, heading to the impressive and memorable place, the medieval complex of Hnevank. 

3. Horse riding on the historical trails of Lori

During this hike you will ride to the 8th century sanctuary, Ardvi Srbanes Monastery, located on a hillside above the village of the same name. After visiting the sanctuary, while descending the hill, to your left you will see the rock called Snake Port, which is a famous natural monument in Lori. You can take the healing water flowing from it with you, then you will ride on the old road of Odzun, reaching St. Astvatsatsin Church located in the center of the village. 

4. Horse riding to Ardvi

During this hike you will start hiking through the field trails to Ardvi village, which is surrounded by forested mountain slopes. Here you will be offered to taste local fruits and juices, as well as visit the 8th century Srbanes Monastery, located on a hill above the village, where the famous Armenian Catholicos Hovhan Odznetsi is buried.

5. Horse riding lessons & Horse rental in Dsegh

Horse riding enthusiasts are invited to visit the village of Dsegh, where there is a beautiful place for horseback riding. If necessary, the necessary information for riding is provided, preparation, experimental ride.