Armenian rich culture and its customs go far back in history. There are some traditions that have retained their meaning in a new, interesting and modern way.

Armenian culture and traditions

One of the old and good Armenian traditions is the wedding ceremony. Usually, Armenian weddings are crowded. Guests from both the groom's and bride's sides. Family relatives, friends, other acquaintances are invited. There were times when the wedding lasted seven days and nights. Before the wedding ceremony, the bride and the groom choose a bridesmaid and bachelor from among their close relatives, because the bridesmaid and bachelor are their most loyal people during the entire ceremony. With the greatest responsibility is chosen the godfather of the wedding and a lot depends on him to ensure and maintain the stability of the newly created family. This is the reason why they work hard to choose a respected person for newlyweds.

Wedding traditions

In ancient times, the Armenians paid too much attention to the process of creating a family. Some traditions of the Armenian wedding are revered to our days. These are the processes preceding the marriage. In the morning, the groom's relatives should slaughter the bull. His neck is decorated with apples, after which the groom must take a knife, make an incision in its neck and put the knife in his pocket. By the way, a slaughtered bull is a source of meat for cooking a national barbecue, which is called Khorovac. When the bride and groom arrive at the house of the groom’s parents, their mother meets them. She puts on their shoulders a lavash and gives them honey which symbolizes the desire for the life of a newly created family to be as sweet as honey. Baskets are important attributes at the Armenian wedding, because they put raisins and flowers in them. When the newlyweds enter the house, the guests sprinkle them with the contents of wedding baskets. This ritual is performed so that the couple’s family life will be prosperous and they live for many years in peace and harmony. During the celebration, guests give newlyweds gifts. Congratulations on the Armenian wedding are full of joy and enthusiasm. It should also be noted that the traditional Armenian wedding ceremony requires that the married couples receive their blessing in the church.

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