Armenian highlands for tourism

The Armenian highlands are endless chains of mountains, lakes and rivers, mountain streams and waterfalls, valleys, dense forests and deep gorges.

The nature of the highlands provides an opportunity to reveal oneself in a new way, to feel the spirit of the ages, the flight of human thought and the power of one's dominance over the Nature. So, let's go on a journey together to the unexplored edges of the Armenian universe. Don't miss the summer tours and activities in Armenia.

We offer several types of interesting and unforgettable tours:

If you want to see crystal-clear lakes and noisy waterfalls hidden between rocks, hear the sound of turbulent mountain rivers, drink water from clear springs, feel the aroma of flowering mountain slopes, visit a village house, then ecotourism is a great option for you!

If you are not afraid of long journeys and want to make sure that “only mountains are better than mountains”, you want to know the diverse flora and fauna of Armenia, see pagan temples, ancient monasteries, cave cities and extraordinary natural monuments that are generously scattered across the ancient land of Armenia, then our team will offer you hiking tours along the best routes in Armenia.

If you like rafting and rafting on mountain rivers as well, off-roading on difficult-reaching mountainous roads along the edges of huge gorges, horseback riding through the amazing forests of Armenia, the employees of our company will tell you a lot of interesting things about extreme tourism in Armenia.


Hospitality is one of the most highlighted features of Armenians

Throughout its existence, the Armenian people have been famous for their interesting national features, one of which is the culture of hospitality.

Armenians are proud of their ancient history of winemaking. Today, the wine industry continues to thrive and the country produces many varieties of wine. Our wine tours include visits to amazing vineyards, wine cellars, the secrets of Armenian winemaking, as well as tasting original velvet wines.

The program of gastronomic tours includes a traditional Armenian feast with songs, dances, acquaintance with chefs who talk about the traditions of national cuisine and the secrets of cooking, as well as master classes. Cooking master classes are held both in restaurants and gastronomic courtyards, where guests are taught to bake the famous Armenian bread “lavash”, how to make real Armenian shish kebab in the tandoor, and at the places of hospitable Armenian families.

Cultural and historical tours to Armenia are a great way to touch the ancient culture of the Armenian people, see the sights, learn interesting facts about the history of the country. Enriched programs allow you to fully immerse yourself in the history, culture and atmosphere of the country and the life of Armenian people.

We show an individual approach to each tourist and organize the best tours to Armenia at affordable and low prices.