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Geghard monastery

Geghard Monastery is a magnificent monastery where Armenian stone-maker and architect Galdzag carved two churches in a cliff. It is located on the slopes of the cliffs descending on the River Azat, cut off on the slopes. According to the tradition preserved in Armenian bibliography, the foundation of the monastery is attributed to Grigor Lusavorich (4th century). 


In ancient times, the monastery was called Ayrivank due to the local cave structures. The caves were natural and artificial, some of which were of protective significance and were called by the names of national heroes. According to the church tradition, a spear (in Armenian”geghard”) had been preserved here, which had pierced Christ. That’s why the monastery was later called Geghardavank. St. Geghard symbolizes the lance with which the Roman centurion pierced Jesus after the crucifixion. Later the lance was brought to Armenia and kept in Geghard Monastery for 5 centuries.

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Geghard monastic complex is famous for its overland and rocky temples, all dating back to the 13th century and considered to be the result of the Zakarian and Proshyan dynastys’ construction activities. The main church, St. Cathoghike Church, was built in 1215 during the ruling period of the Zakarians and belonged to crossed – dome churches. The complex also includes St. Avazan and St. Astvatsatsin churches, numerous cave rooms. Geghard is also known for his rocky cross-stones (khachqar). The walls of churches and a number of adjoining buildings are covered with high art sculptures. The inscriptions of the ancient monument provide remarkable information about the events of that time. Geghard is one of the most important architectural monuments of medieval Armenia and has been an important spiritual and cultural center for many years. There was a rich library where copied and illustrated many manuscripts. The monastery complex of Geghard is an exceptional example of truly harmony of architecture and nature.


4-th century


Kotayk region

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