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Gegharkunik region, RA

The largest of the regions of the Republic of Armenia is Gegharkunik region with a population of about 280,000 & 5348 sq. km area. 1/4 of Gegharkunik region is occupied by the catchment area of ​​Lake Sevan. There are dozens of volcanic cones in the mountains of Vardenis. Particularly noteworthy are the Ajdahak-Armaghan volcanoes, whose fungal craters have formed beautiful lakes. The climate is temperate mountainous. In Gegharkunik region one can find traces of fortresses, castles, settlements, ancient sites, cuneiform inscriptions of the pre-Urartian Furartian period. Tombs up to five thousand years old have been found in the areas where water level droped. 

Gegharkunik region, RA

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Gegharkunik region, RA
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Gegharkunik region, RA
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Features of the region

In Gegharkunik region, as in the whole Republic, you can find many historical and cultural centers and churches. But in this region you should definitely taste the world-famous Sevan fish, trout. There are many restaurants on the shore of the lake, where you can try the fish - grilled, fried or steamed. And in the regional center Gavar you will admire the traditional Armenian kufta with its unique taste.



Regional center

Gavar is the regional center of Gegharkunik region. It was founded in 1830. Armenians resettled from the town of Bayazet in Western Armenia on the site of the historic Gavarakan. Gavar was one of the four cities of pre-Soviet Armenia. In addition to agriculture, its population was engaged in handicrafts and trade.



Lake Sevan

High located Lake Sevan is the "Pearl" of Armenia. It is located in the center of the Armenian Highlands, 1900 m above sea level. Located 63 kilometers from the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, it is the largest lake in the Caucasus. Lake Sevan is surrounded on all sides by mountains, and the beautiful panorama of the lake already opens from the mountains. The water of Lake Sevan is fresh, sweet and clean, also the mountain air has a beneficial effect on health.




The road along the shore of Lake Sevan continues to the village of Noratus, where the largest collection of Armenian khachkars is located. Noratus (Noraduz) is an ancient settlement with many monuments dating back to the Bronze and Iron Ages.

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