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Yerevan Zipline Airlines

Zipline is a flight on a steel rope using the characteristics of gravity. The flight is carried out in the air, tens of meters above the ground, with the help of a special device that includes the corresponding blocks.

In different cities of the world, fans of extreme fly in the zipline, getting the necessary dose of adrenaline.

In Yerevan, everyone has such opportunity. From 2018, Yerevan Zipline Airlines invites everyone to enjoy the longest and most exclusive zipline in the region, which is the only one flying under the bridge in the world.


The length of the zipline is 870 m, the height at the beginning is 123 m, and when crossing the bridge it is 87-90 m.

It can reach a speed of 120-140 km / h, giving everyone unforgettable moments and feelings.

Everyone can try this unique air route without age restrictions.

114/1 Papazyan str., Yereva
(+374) 41 01-00-30


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