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Yeraz Park - Amusement park

Yeraz Park is located in Arabkir administrative district of Yerevan. The park got its name from the nearby YerAZ automobile factory operating in 1966-1996 (abbreviated from Russian: ՛՛Ереванский автомобильный завод՛՛- Yerevan Car factory). The meaning of the word "Yeraz"-"dream" is derived from the motto of the park. "Where dreams come true." The park includes a children's playground, children's attractions, a large lake with ducks, where you can drive a boat, restaurants and cafes. And in winter, Yeraz Park turns into a Winter Park. In special cottages, programs are implemented to provide children with winter entertainment, and the lake area is turned into a skating rink.


Services offered

1/8 Tbilisyan Highway, Yerevan
+374 98 74-03-30


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