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Water attractions in Yerevan – Water world

One of the best places for summer entertainment in Yerevan is the Water World (Jrashkharh), an open-air complex of water attractions covering an area of about 2 hectares.

This is the most optimal way to cool off the hot summer days and make the best of family rest.

The water world is available only during the summer months and offers a variety of fun options for both children and adults. This complex of water attractions meets the relevant European standards, water quality is provided by modern equipment and meets all requirements.


Large and small swimming pools, water attractions, hydromassage pools will allow you to resist the hot weather, relax, lift your spirits and enjoy the rest.

There is also a cafe, restaurant, bar, fast food restaurant, as well as a bathroom, dressing room and parking lot in the water complex area.

Here, your security is provided by experienced coaches and rescuers, who will immediately provide first aid to any visitor in need.

40 Myasnikyan ave., Yerevan
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