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Voskevaz winery

Voskevaz winery is located in the village of the same name in Aragatsotn region. The factory was founded in 1932. Along with the later modern innovations, however, it has retained its old and traditional elements and buildings. Currently, construction works are being carried out in the area of the factory in order to create an unprecedented tourist complex.

The Voskevaz Winery uses both modern and old traditional (in the 19th-century wine was made in old traditional pots) winemaking methods. Only local varieties of grapes are used in the production of wine, and aging is done in high-quality barrels made of oak. The Voskevaz Winery is considered to be the first to use the method of withering grapes in the production of sweet wines. Classic, fruit, aged and liqueur wines are produced here. Among the consumers, Rose, Areni, Nran, Katarine and a number of other wines are popular and appreciated.

The products of the factory have been awarded many times in various local and international prestigious awards: as well as "Decanter World Wine Awards", "Mundus Vini", "Sommelier Wine Awards", etc.


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