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Vedi Alco

One of the well-known representatives of Armenian winemaking is Vedi Alco, which includes two large enterprises: the Getap Wine Factory, founded in 1938, and the Vedi Wine Factory, established in 1956.

At present, the factory produces more than 100 types of alcoholic beverages: semi-sweet, dessert, wines, vodkas, brandies, strong fruit drinks, which are in great demand among consumers. Among the types of produced wine are Yerevantsi, Hayk, Vivat Armenia, Getap, Kagor, Muskat, Saperavi, Shato Areni, etc., brandy - Duduk, Araks, Yerevantsi, Shalakho, etc.

The Vedi Alco company has introduced the latest equipment and flow lines for grape processing and bottling of finished products. The plant's products are exported to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, the United States, as well as leading European and Baltic countries. Vedi Alco's products have won more than 90 gold medals and other major awards at many international tasting competitions.


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