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The museum of printing


What you can see in The museum of printing

The National Library of Armenia has created the museum of printing, since the National Library of Armenia is the largest repository of printed matter in Armenia. A special place in the museum was given to the display of the Armenian valuable press. The history of the Armenian press is reflected in the halls of the museum of book printing, which are referred to as The origin of writing, The armenian alphabet, The pioneers of armenian printing, The diaspora of armenian printing, Book publishing, Eternity of writing. The museum of printing presents valuable engravings and unique exhibits, including print engraving presentations in books by European publishers, Pages from Encyclopedia Denis Diderot, printing machines with centuries-old history, staples, wooden plaques with engraving, clichés Unique samples of the press of Armenia and Artsakh , the stepped armchair of the last quarter of the 19th century, the Armenian parchment with the printed sign of Hakob Mehpart, which was sent into universe and returned back to the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Armenian book, the book with the autograph of George Byron, Amulets, books and periodicals printed in vague and redundant form, Artistic illustrative magazine “Araks”, which in 1893 was awarded the Columbia World Heritage in Chicago for rich content and a good seal. The museum presents a sample of incunabula, from the book by Horman Schödel “The World Chronology of Schödel,” which was published in Nuremberg in 1493, as well as the maps of Cosmology by Sebastian Munster (1580). The museum of printing is equipped with the latest technologies, which create an interactive environment for non-formal education. Through the holographic device, the visitor has the opportunity to familiarize himself with printing methods, etc.



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