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Hot air ballooning in Armenia -Skyball

A balloon is an air flying device that uses the power of a gas or hot air blower with a lower density than air. Air travel around the world began in the 18th century.

People first witnessed a balloon flight in 1783, during the flight of the French brothers Etienne and Joseph Mongolphie with their own balloon.

Balloons are used around the world for sports, entertainment, as well as scientific research in the upper atmosphere. Ballooning in Armenia has been founded by the company Skyball in 2014. It is currently the only Armenian airline with an aircraft operator’s license. Due to that, the company carries out commercial passenger transportation by balloon in the territory of the Republic.


The flights are monitored by internationally qualified pilots of the Civil Aviation Committee. The safety and security of all passengers is guaranteed. Both individual and group flights are organized from Skyball.

The company also provides passenger transportation from Yerevan to the place of flight and in the opposite direction. The flight takes about an hour, and the total program is 4-5 hours.

During the flight, passengers can enjoy a little hospitality, and at the end they are provided with high-quality photos and a pilot certificate.

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