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Silva Kaputikyan house-museum


What you can see in Silva Kaputikyan house-museum

The mission of the museum is to conduct cultural, scientific, educational activities after talented poetess S. Kaputikian. The museum`s exhibits are remarkable and interesting. The museum was created according to the poetess testament. Its founder and main body is the trustees council which presides Ara Shiraz. The main aim of the foundation is to assist the museums activities, republish Kaputikyans literary heritage, preach and modernize the house–museum. The remarkable is that the poetess not only bequeathed, but also created the Preliminary demonstration of the house-museum by her own hands. Still alive she has created a 24-hour video film where in the status of a guide she explains and interprets the “etymology” of the exhibits of the future museum in all details. The museum is grateful to all people and organizations who showed interest and caring attitude towards Kaputikyan’s literature. This is the only museum, for which the poetess not only bequeathed the items, but also created the museum`s exhibitions herself. In the first hall of exhibition is the sector of Van`s relics. The pen of western poet Siamanto is a valuable sample, which is the present to Silva Kaputikyan dedicated to the poet’s sister.



1 Kaputikyan Str., 26 apt., Yerevan, Armenia

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+374 10 52-09-30

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