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Quest in Yerevan – Questroom

Quest (adventure game) is one of the main types of computer games.

The game is an interactive story, in which the player is faced with the solution of complex problems and puzzles, which require appropriate mental abilities.

This game is played with no less interactivity and interest in real life, in entertainment centers that offer quests.


The “Quest Room” is a unique place in Yerevan. Here you are locked in a room full of puzzles to get out of in 60 minutes.

You have a task. Use the appropriate tips to understand and solve puzzles, open locks and find a way out as quickly as possible.

The quest is played by 2-4 people. Make your entertainment more interesting and unique, take part in various quests.

57 Teryan str., Yerevan
(+374) 55 26-60-68


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