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Play city

The entertainment complex Play city has been operating in Yerevan since 2002. It is a unique place where all kinds of entertainment are combined.

The bowling alley is waiting for you with six playing lines, manufactured by the American company Brunswick. The lines can also be adapted for children’s.

The length of the karting race track is 1 km, and the 15 existing cars are Alpha models produced by the German company Rimo. Participation is allowed for persons over 6 years. Up to 10 people can play paintball here at the same time. Each of them is provided with at least 50 bullets. Participation is allowed for people over 10 years.


There can be 8 cars in the field of the autodrome at the same time. This attraction is built with the latest technology without power poles.

The mini-golf game takes 45-60 minutes to overcome all 18 levels. Persons over 10 years of age can participate.

There is also a rifle range and a children’s playground in Play City. The latter includes batut and labyrinth. This complex is one of the best places for family and friends to have fun and enjoy.


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