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Paragliding in Armenia – Sky club

A paraglider is a high-altitude flying device designed to soar in the air, which is based on the structure of the air balloon. In parallel with the external and technical similarities, they differ in that the paraglider is designed for horizontal flight, and the balloon – for vertical landing. Paragliding is characterized by ease of takeoff and landing, as well as of control.

It fits in a travel backpack, making flight preparation more comfortable. Paragliding is considered to be the slowest flying aircraft. Its flight speed is 20-70 km / h. Thanks to the fabric components, the paraglider weighs only 5-7 kg. An experienced pilot can fly a paraglider for more than 300 km and reach a height of 4000 m in the air.


The leading paragliding organization in Yerevan – Sky club, offers to enjoy beautiful Armenia from the height of a bird’s flight. The flight is carried out from high places, such as Hatis, Aparan, Lake Sevan, Dilijan, etc. In order to reach the mentioned places, the company organizes two-way transfer for the participants.


At the starting point, the experienced instructor will present the details of the flight, after which you will be ready to realize your dream of soaring in the sky. During the flight, professional pilots will take care of your safety and security.


Services offered

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