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Odzun monastery

Odzun monastery is located not far from the Sanahin and Haghpat monasteries, in the central part of the Odzun village, which perfectly harmonizes with its surrounding territory. 


Near the temple there is a large triangular courtyard with trees, which was later surrounded by a fence wall. The temple has a rectangular shape. In addition to the four bulkheads in the dome, there are two angular shapes.

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The church is characterized by simple volumes, harmonious proportions, elegant and multi-level sculptures with high craftsmanship, architectural details, light and shadow wealth. The church is built of local light brown multicolored felsites. Unfortunately, there is no saved reliable information about the date of the foundation of the temple. Probably, the monument was built in the late 6th century. It had been restored and reconstructed many times.


6-th century


Lori region

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