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Near east art museum


What you can see in Near east art museum

In the Museum of Literature and Art after Yeghishe Charents there is an exhibition “Near East Art” on the basis of Marcos Grigoryan’s collection. The exhibition of the soil art`s founder, painter Markos Grigoryan takes place in the museum of Literature and Art after Yeghishe Charents, including not only his creations, but the items collected during the life of great painter. The museum is called “Middle Eastern art” and has 3 exhibition halls, where the Persian, Armenian, European applied art samples, paintings, carpets, soil pictures, about 2500 exhibits of the art from the 4th millennium to the 20th century are presented, among which the cultural values of different provinces of Iran, Zoroastrian cult/religious subjects, exclusive samples of Elam pottery, Early Bronze Age pottery, Islamic medieval art unique designs, Persian and Armenian archaeological items, medieval manuscripts, Iranian miniature, ethnographic items, etc. have dominant place.



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