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Hovhannes Toumanian museum


What you can see in Hovhannes Toumanian museum

Welcome to the museum of the outstanding writer, translator and humanist Hovhannes Toumanian. This is a place where his wise spirit is alive and where his vigilant eye sees everything. In order to get here, you have climbed 54 stairs and may be you are a bit tired now. But once you learn why exactly 54, your fatigue will surely turn into excitement. 54 is the number of years Toumanian lived. You will learn about that short but extremely rich life from many evidences that are kept with care in this museum. However, those evidences are not just lifeless pieces from the past: the vibrant past turns into present and helps us to see the future. But more importantly, Toumanian’s past changes us, makes us kinder and fairer and braver. It helps us to re-find our identity and become a citizen of the world. Toumanian cuts our glance from the ground and directs it up to the Universe, to the eternity where the Truth is. On the second floor of the museum we have tried to reconstruct in details of the six rooms of Toumanian’s last apartment in Tiflis. His luxurious study where many masterpieces were created; the sitting room decorated with paintings of Dutch artists and Gevorg Bashinjaghian and a grand piano on which Al. Spendiarian, R. Melikian, A. Tigranian have played; the dining room with huge table with fine china and twelve chairs for the 10 children and Mr. And Mrs. Toumanians. One of the remarkable spaces of the museum is the landscape entitled “the valley of Lori”, which is accompanied by the introduction of the “Anush” opera, transporting the visitor to one of the most beautiful locations of Northern Armenia.



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