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Hovhannes Sharambeyan Museum of Folk Arts


What you can see in Museum of Folk Arts

The folk art center after Hovhannes Sharambeyan is a unique place. Hovhannes Sharambeyan Centre of Popular Creation is a unique hearth of national culture. Its mission is preservation and promotion of tangible and intangible cultural heritage. The Centre was founded in 2011 when the Folk Art Museum after Hovhannes Sharambeyan and the Centre of People’s Art and Crafts were joined up. The exhibits of Popular House founded in 1930s by the efforts of an ethnographer and folklorist Habetnak Babayan served as the basis for Folk Art Museums in Yerevan and Dilijan. The museum collects, makes researches, repairs, studies and makes popularization activities in various genres of artistic creation and folk art. The collection includes wood carving, developed metals, silver, rock art, ceramics, carpet and rug, embroidery and lace, about 10,000 paintings and other works from folk art sectors. Most of the exhibits are works of high value, that represent different stages of the development of folk art. This items are almost from all regions of Armenia. The Museum of Folk art is a unique cultural centre preserving and exhibiting select pieces of Armenian traditional decorative-applied arts and primitive fine art. The collection of these was initiated by a group of enthusiastic ethnographers lead by Habetnak Babayan in 1930-ies. Their efforts brought to establishment of the museum. The Museum of Folk Art was founded in 1978 by the Ministry of Culture of Soviet Armenia. The founder and first director was Hovhannes Sharambeyan. The museum’s activity for many years has been aimed at collecting, preserving, developing, and popularization of non-material samples, that are the major part of Armenian decorative-applied art and crafts.



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