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Goshavank monastery

Goshavank monastery is one of the most prominent monasteries of the Aghstev river valley. Getik monastery was in its place in the 12th century, which was completely destroyed by the earthquake. The foundation of Goshavank’s monastery is related to the medieval thinker, lawmaker, author of the fables and the law book ”Datastanagirq”, Mkhitar Gosh. The monastery founded by Mkhitar Gosh was originally called New Getik monastery, but after his death it was renamed Goshavank. 


The formation of the complex took place in the 12th-13th centuries. Goshavank monastery complex is composed of St. Astvatsatsin church of with its simple architecture, St. Gregory Church with a smaller volume of the same composition, St. Gregory the Illuminator Church with the ornamental frescoes on the exterior, and the library-belfry building. Goshavank is rich in unique artistic stone artifacts and magnificent khachkars (armenian cross – stone). Goshavank was one of the most reputable centers of medieval spiritual culture and literature.

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Jurisprudence, history, theology, philosophy, art of writing, and music were taught in the catechism. Many prominent figures of the Armenian spiritual culture studied here, who later founded monastery schools in other places. The significant monuments of Goshavank are the real gems of the most famous period of Armenian medieval architecture, the pride of the Armenian people.


12-13-th centuries


Tavush region

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