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Cityzen - City of professions

Cityzen is a city of professions for children, it is the largest interactive development project in Armenia for 4-14 children. This is a small model of a real city, it has laws & institutions, as well as infrastructure. Citizens of this city are children. Here they can get acquainted with different professions, acquire new skills & knowledges. By trying on their role as a firefighter, banker, dancer, chef or dentist, children create an opinion about the professions they can master in the future. In the city they have special money – Zdram, and as a big citizen of each city, children can earn and spend their own money and decide how to do that. Cityzen has created a safe, educational and at the same time fun environment. All the children like the city and want to come here again and again.


Services offered

35 Acharyan str, Yerevan
+374 10 62-09-99


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