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Chocolate making masterclass – TadDin chocolatier


Chocolate is a favorite sweet, made from ground cocoa beans. It is known that cocoa was used in America 4000 years ago. In 1842, the English company ”Cadbury” produced the first chocolate bar. Chocolate is good for the heart: it reduces the risk of heart diseases. By increasing the amount of serotonin in the brain, chocolate is also uplifting. In Armenia, you can taste different local chocolates, as well as take part in a masterclass of its preparation, getting acquainted with the process and history of making chocolate, and decorate the chocolate with the feelings of a real master of chocolate. TadDin Chocolatier gives you that opportunity. TadDin products are divided into two parts and two different brands: ChocoDin and ChocoTad, which together make up TadDin. The ChocoDin brand offers handmade chocolate products, in particular chocolate covered dried fruit and stuffed chocolate candies, and under the ChocoTad trademark craft chocolates – walnut-chocolate paste and chocolate bars are manufactured. Welcome to enjoy the chocolate pleasure.


How chocolate candies are made


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