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Carpet weaving masterclass – Tufenkian Artisan Carpets


«The Tufenkian Artisan Carpet was founded in 1986 by James Francis Tufenkian. It was the first ancient carpet company to create an internationally recognized brand, developing and presenting its products to the high-end fashion segment of the carpet business market. Tufenkian Artisan Carpets now has 5,000 employees at its plant in Nepal, about 150 offices around the world, six own galleries in the United States, one store in London and another one in Yerevan. After the collapse of the former Soviet Union, J. Tufenkian decided to return to the land of his ancestors and take part in the development of the new and independent Republic of Armenia. In 1993, he set up a carpet weaving business in Armenia, employing more than 1,000 people, and created carpet weaving infrastructure. The company employs highly qualified carpet weavers. Production is concentrated in Yerevan, as well as in Armavir, Shirak and Gegharkunik regions. The carpets here are completely handmade. The wool is first woven, dyed, and then used in the weaving process. The Tufenkian style is ideally combined with the ancient traditions of carpet weaving, offering the consumer a unique, dense texture, unique rugs. In Tufenkian’s Yerevan Gallery you can take part in a masterclass in carpet weaving, getting acquainted with the technology, history and culture of creating Tufenkian handmade carpets.


How carpets and rugs are woven


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48 Hanrapetutyan str, Yerevan, +374 60 50-10-30


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