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Carpet weaving masterclass – Megerian Carpet Armenia


Carpet weaving has a history of thousands of years in Armenia. Carpets and rugs have been a necessity in Armenian life since ancient times. More than four generations of the Megerian family have been working on the restoration of old carpets and the production of new ones. About thirty years ago, the Megerian family began reproducing ancient rugs based on the principles of preserving the rug’s appearance and ancient style. Over the years, they have developed the traditional Armenian technologies for obtaining natural dyes for carpet reproduction, creating and maintaining the “principle of antiquity” in the production of handmade carpets. The production of traditional Armenian handmade carpets thus gained new life. Now in the plant anyone can take part in an impressive tour and masterclass of carpet weaving, learn the essence of the Armenian knot, get acquainted with the natural methods of dyeing threads and carpet washing process. Natural colors are obtained from the flowers, roots and plants of the Armenian Highlands, thousands of years ago. The process and technology of creating handmade rugs is really interesting. In the exhibition hall you can see both the preserved and the carpets of different regions of Armenia, including Lori, Vaspurakan, Karabakh and other settlements, restored with modern design skills. Next to the Megerian Carpet Factory the Megerian Restaurant is operating, where masterclasses on traditional Armenian dishes and unique dishes are organized.


How carpets and rugs are woven


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