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Botanical garden

The Botanical Garden, rich in various plant species located in the semi-desert zone of Yerevan, is a unique recreation area for the population and tourists of Armenia.

In the landscaping of the park, there are many plants of botanical and geographical interest, as well as economically valuable, wild medicines, ornamental and other species of the plant world.

About 200 species of wild relatives of Armenian crops are grown here: vegetables, berries, grains, cereals, spices, etc. There are also introduced 70 rare and endangered plants, 38 of which are included in the RA Red Book.


In the area of 4 hectares included in the park, 16 models of plant communities have been formed – artificial cenosis. Among them there are groups that are considered extinct, such as salt marshes, sand dunes, waterfowl, etc.

The tropical and subtropical plant funds of the Botanical Garden, the dendro-collections have been replenished in recent years, and the flowering plants with 12 new ornamental plants.

About 800 shrubs of 20 varieties of roses are presented in the rose garden with an area of 2000 m2 in the central part of the garden.

Lepsius str 15, Yerevan
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