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Boheme Theater

Boheme Theater is of the youngest theaters in Yerevan. The theater was established on September 15, 2016 by Narek Duryan. The name of the "Boehme" theater is based on the "Boehme theater group" union founded by Narek Duryan in 1989 in Paris. The producer of the theater is Christina Hovhannisyan.

The theater building is located in the building of the writers' union of Armenia, at 3 Baghramyan street.

The hall consists of two main parts: parterre (1st floor) and amphitheater (2nd floor). It is designed for 320 spectators, equipped with modern lighting and music equipment. The theater presents not only old performances, but also new ones.

The theater playlist includes “Aunt from Paris”, “My wife's name is Morris”, “C'est la vie”, “Coma nostra”, “Cherchez la Femme ”, “Operation nemesis” etc.


3 Baghramyan ave, Yerevan
+374 10 56-38-12


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