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Horse riding in Armenia - Ayrudzi riding club

The horse riding club Ayrudzi is located near the town of Ashtarak, about 21 km from Yerevan. Visitors are encouraged to ride, feed the horses as well as to see fit, and even take part in animal saddling process.

And the experienced members of the club’s staff will introduce you to the rules and nuances of working with them.

This unique club provides an opportunity to deeply explore, recognize and discover these clever and kind animals.


Anyone here can feel the positive effects of friendly warm contact with horses and leave only if they want to return as soon as possible.

“Ayrudzi” riding club offers to hold your family and friendly gatherings in this unique environment, away from the noise of the city, providing appropriate areas and necessary conditions.

3 Mushegh Bagratuni str., Ashtarak
(+374) 93 42-45-70


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