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ArmAs Winery

The ''Golden Grape ArmAs'' company was founded in 2007 by repatriate Armenak Aslanyan, fulfilling dreams based on the unity of heritage, family and culture. Naming the factory in honor of his grandfather, the founder of family winemaking Armenak Aslanyan, he and his daughters continue to preserve the 80-year-old family tradition of winemaking and contribute to the preservation and development of Armenian winemaking.

Prior to its establishment, the current factory site was abandoned vineyards and wheat fields covered with many stones. Turning this area into a winery can be considered a real feat. Over the years, many construction, innovation and improvement works have been carried out here, including land quality improvement, construction of garages, warehouses, laboratories, reservoirs, office areas, as well as brick roads along vineyards.

Winery offers a number of red and white wines: Anapak, Voskehat, Areni, Rose, Pink and others. His products have won numerous awards and medals.


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