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Aragatsotn region, RA

The territory of the RA Aragatsotn region is 2753 sq.m. km & occupies 9.3% of the territory of the Republic of Armenia. Ashtarak region and part of Talin region are located in the foothills, and Aparan and Aragats regions and part of Talin region are located in the mountains, 2000-2500 meters above sea level. The population as of July 1, 2019 is about 162,000 people. There are 72 communities in the region. In terms of history and culture, the region is a unique museum, where historical monuments typical of almost all periods of Armenia's history or their testimonies are preserved.

Aragatsotn region, RA

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Features of the region:

Aragatsotn region is famous for its ancient historical and cultural monuments and sights. Besides, in the region you can taste the most delicious fruits, make chocolate, visit the most famous bakery in Armenia - Gntunik. Be sure to stop tasting the delicious Armenian bread and, if you wish, take part in the baking process.



Regional center

At the south-eastern edge of Aragats, in front of the mythical mountains of Ararat & Ara, on the platform of the Kasakh River, at an altitude of 1175 m above sea level, there is an ancient city Ashtarak with 11 churches and 111 monuments. The history of the city stretches through millennia. Ashtarak is one of the most beautiful settlements in Armenia, it is completely buried in orchards and vineyards.



Byurakan Observatory

Byurakan Observatory was founded in 1946 on the initiative of the first director of the Observatory, Victor Hambardzumyan. It is built on the southern slope of Mount Aragats. There are 5 main telescopes for the scientific activity of the observatory, one of which is the largest 2.6 m & Schmidt's famous 1.0 m telescopes.




Saghmosavank means monastery of psalms. According to the legend, the psalm of Gregory the Illuminator was heard a few miles away when he settled in the Kasakh gorge, under the church. That is why the monastery was called Saghmosavank. Saghmosavank is also famous for its medieval manuscripts and bookstores.




Hovhannavank monastery complex is located in Ohanavan village, on the bank of Kasagh river. It was probably dedicated to St. John the Baptist, the Baptist of Jesus. According to the legend, the monastery was founded at the beginning of the 4th century, when Grigor Lusavorich built the oldest building of the complex, the one-nave basilica.




Amberd is a medieval Armenian fortress, located at an altitude of about 2000 meters on the slope of Mount Aragats. The half-ruined castle was built in the X-XIII centuries. The castle embodied the reckless spirit of the Armenians. The castle had a powerful defensive function at that time. Amberd is a historical value, from where you can admire the Armenian nature.



Monument to the Armenian alphabet

The monument of the Armenian alphabet located on the Western slope of Mount Aragats was built in 2005 and is dedicated to the 1600th anniversary of the creation of the Armenian alphabet. The complex includes sculptures of 39 letters of the Armenian alphabet, as well as monuments of great thinkers. All letters and statues are made of Armenian red stone tuff.

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