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Travelers’ guide: Sightseeings of Yerevan and Armenia

Do you want to travel and explore Yerevan – one of the oldest cities in the world. We will help you! Yerevan is a major destination and it is collected top activities, entertainment places, great museums, clubs, pubs, etc. So you will be able to visit the best places in Yerevan with a good plan! Let’s create best trip in Yerevan with Yerevan Card.

The history of Armenia and Yerevan

History museum of Armenia: The History museum was founded in 1919 in the First Republic. The museum keeps the national collection, which are exhibited in the departments of archeology, ethnography, numismatics and contemporary history. The items create a complete picture of the history and culture of Armenia, ranging from prehistoric times to the XV century. In the museum you can find the cultural communications with Old East (Egypt, Syria, Iran, Rome, Byzantium).  Collections are periodically updated with new artifacts found during excavations on the territory of Armenia.

Yerevan History museum: Yerevan is the 12th capital of Armenia, and was founded in 782 BC and it was called Erebuni. You can find information on the history of our old and new city in the Yerevan History Museum, established in 1931. In the museum different cuneiform records and many other items proving the rich past of the city are kept. Approximately 94.000 items are collected from ancient times to the present days, and represent the rich spiritual and material culture of the capital city. Among the exhibits there are collections of archaeological, ethnographic, numismatic items, fine arts, photos etc.

Erebuni historical – archeological museum: Yerevan starts here, the history and the culture of the city were established in 782 BC. Visiting the historical and archaeological museum “Erebuni”, you can discover the history of Yerevan.The city is 29 years older than Rome. The collection of the Erebuni Historical & Archaeological Museum-Reserve is rich. You can discover the archaeological artifacts from various regions of Armenia from pre-Urartian, Urartian, Hellenistic and even from the early periods (about 12.000).

Armenian literatue

Museum of Literature and Art: Armenian Museum of Literature and Art is named after the great Armenian poet Yeghishe Charents. The time horizon for the permanent exhibition is 300 years. The exhibition is organized in five showrooms: first two represents the Armenian literature, third – performing arts, fourth – the performing arts, fifth – the art of music. The museum focused on manuscripts starting from Armenian great poet Sayat Nova to the devotees of the Armenian literature and art, as well as you can find collections of the letters, personal and scenic objects, photos, posters, recordings, sculptures, paintings, personal libraries, musical instruments, material and documents relating to the Armenian Diaspora.

Yeghishe Charents house-museum: The House-Museum of Yeghishe Charents is a Scientific Center of the literary, social and political activities of the poets. The museum preserves and demonstrates the extant relics of the poet: personal documents, manuscripts, books, photographs, materials related to Charents as a person, citizen, as a poet, translator and as a publisher. The museum’s exhibits currently include more than 17 thousand items. In addition, poetry hearings, exhibitions, literary and musical evenings, lectures, concerts, meetings, charity ceremony, poetry days, festivals, etc are organized in the museum. The personal library of the poet occupies special place in the museums. Currently, the number of books in the library is about 1422.

Hovhannes Tumanian museum: Welcome to the museum of the outstanding writer, translator and humanist Hovhannes Toumanian. This is a place where his wise spirit is alive and where his vigilant eye sees everything. In order to get here, you have climbed 54 stairs and may be you are a bit tired now. But once you learn why exactly 54, your fatigue will surely turn into excitement. 54 is the number of years Toumanian lived. You will learn about that short but extremely rich life from many evidences that are kept with care in this museum. However, those evidences are not just lifeless pieces from the past: the vibrant past turns into present and helps us to see the future. But more importantly, Toumanian’s past changes us, makes us kinder and fairer and braver.

National and World Art in Yerevan

National Gallery of Armenia: The National Gallery of Armenia is a special place among the cultural centers of the republic. The rich collection includes numerous national and international fine arts, decorative-applied art exhibits, from ancient times to the present days. The main core of the collection is Armenian art, which is represented by the most important stages of historical development – medieval frescoes and miniatures, church painting, sculpture, applied art, a brilliant constellation of modern and contemporary periods. Foreign art includes the works of the Italian, Flemish, French and famous masters of other schools (Tintoretto, P. Strozzi, Van Gogh, P. Claes, Rousseau, J. Falcone, R. Kent, etc).

Martiros Saryan House-museum: You can see the works of world’s famous artist, founder of the Armenian school of painting Martiros Sarian in his house-museum. The paintings of the famous artist allow us to realize that art is not just a reflection of reality, it is a way of developing creative imagination, it gives freedom to the imagination. Sarian’s House-Museum was created during the life of the artist. The exhibits of the museum is from all periods of great painter’s life and includes all genres, from the first graphic drawings done at the age of sixteen to those works that have been written in the last years of his life. The exposition includes more than 300 works, located on the three floors of the museum in chronological order.

Modern Art museum of Yerevan: Museum of Modern Art was founded in 1972 and was the only one in the region for over 20 years. At that time when socialist realism was the dominant trend in art, modernist art was forbidden in all its manifestations. Nevertheless, the museum hosted and maintained its collection thanks to the artists’ donations and achievements of the Ministry of Culture. Permanent exhibitions present works by great artists – M. Saryan, M. Avetisyan, R. Khachatryan, R. Atoyan, Kalents A., A. Shiraz etc. The museum`s exhibits were shown in many countries of the world: France, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Portugal.

Armenian Music Art

Komitas museum-institute: Komitas was a great composer, singer, teacher, ethnologist and musicologist. In the museum you can discover a unique heritage. The main purpose of this museum is in-depth and systematic study of Komitas`s life and creations, later on the unique items can be popularized and represented in many countries. The life, work, musical-theoretical and spiritual creations of Komitas are presented in eight permanent exhibitions. Here you can find the personal items, certificates, notation plays, various studies dedicated to Komitas, published books, numerous paintings, drawings, sculptures and films.

Aram Khachaturyan house-museum: Aram Khachaturian is a great Armenian composer of the XX century. He is also an author of the first Armenian ballet, symphony, concert and film music. His name has stood proudly next to the names of Dmitri Shostakovich and Sergei Prokofiev as one of the greatest composers of the Soviet era. The American magazine “Times” called the well-known composers as “three modern giants of the Soviet Union.” World’s most frequently performed works by Aram Khachaturian is “Sabre Dance / Suserov Par” from Gayane Ballet which brought great fame to the composer.

Alexander Spendiaryan House-Museum: We are waiting for you at one of the old buildings of Yerevan, at the house-museum of the founder of Armenian symphonic music Alexander Spendiaryan. The sounds of Spendiaryan’s magical music will accompany you from the entrance to the composer’s house where the exhibits relics tell about the great artist’s comprehensive life course. The collection includes the composer’s personal items, documents, letters and manuscripts. You can hear Spendiaryan’s pieces there, play the “Spendiarophone” musical instrument and become the heroes of “Almast” opera. Right here, by using interactive means, you can become a conductor of symphonic orchestra and enjoy composer’s works by your own conduction.

Explore Yerevan

Yerevan’s evenings: Yerevan is fabulously beautiful by night. You can take the evening walking tour or just walk by the central streets of the city.

Yerevan City-tour: The main purpose of the tour is to aquaint tourists, visitors of the capital and the public with historical and cultural monuments and sights of the city. During a two –hour Yerevan City-tour, the multillingual system provides an opportunity to listen to interesting comments about history, culture, architecture and the city’s cultural values.

Ararat Cognac factory tour: Armenian cognac is one of the symbols of Armenia. Ararat cognac factory, founded in 1887, is one of the leading companies of the sphere. Yerevan Card allows you to participate in one of the famous tours in Yerevan – tour in Ararat cognac factory.

Don’t forget to taste Armenian cuisine dishes: In Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, you can taste Armenian dishes at quite affordable prices. Taste Armenian tolma, barbecue, harissa, as well as armenian national gata, dried fruits, and, of course, Armenian national bread – lavash.

Visit sightseeings near Yerevan for free with Yerevan card

Garni temple, Geghard Monastery: The pagan temple of Garni was built in the second half of the 1st century by King Trdat III. This is the only pagan temple, which has been preserved on the territory of Armenia, as after the adoption of Christianity it became the summer residence of Hosorovduht, sister of King Trdat III. It was destroyed in 1679 by an earthquake. Parts, fragments of graceful columns and wall stones were spread around the temple. It is supposed that the temple was dedicated to Mithra, the God of the Sun. The temple of Garni is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Geghard Monastery is one of the greatest medieval architectural structures in Armenia. Geghard is completely hollowed out in a cave, it is also called a “cave monastery”. This monastery was founded in the 4th century AD. in place of the sacred spring, originating in the cave. The name of the monastery complex Geghard (spear) comes from the Langin’s spear, which pierced the body of Jesus Christ on the cross. At the moment this spear is kept in the museum of Etchmiadzin. The monastery complex Geghard is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Edzmiatsin Cathedral, Zvartnots Temple: The first Christian cathedral of Echmiadzin was founded in the IV century BC, whose name means “place of the descent of the Only Begotten.” A feature of the Cathedral is that in addition to the main altar in the eastern part, there is another altar in the middle, at the site of the descent of Christ. In the right-hand boundary of the Etchmiadzin Cathedral there is the Treasury Museum, where are kept relics, church clothes, embroidered with gold and pearls, catholicos’ staffs and crosses, numerous ritual objects made of gold, silver and ivory.

Тhe magnificent Zvartnots Temple, which mean “Temple of Vigil Forces”, was built in the VII century. The temple was built for 20 years. Unfortunately, Zvartnots was destroyed by a powerful earthquake in the XX century and only its ruins remained. But even the ruins of this temple give us an idea of its rare and majestic beauty. Today the Zvartnots Temple is an archaeological reserve and museum founded in 1937, where you can see model-versions of the reconstruction of the temple, numerous sculptural fragments, impressive in size. The ruins of Zvartnots Temple are included in UNESCO as World Heritage Site.

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