Regular tour: Tatev Monastery, Carahunge observatory, Shaki waterfall, “Hin Areni” winery (excursion and wine tasting)

Regular tour: Tatev Monastery, Ropeway, Carahunge observatory, Shaki Waterfall, “Hin Areni” winery



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One-day guided tour in Armenia: Garni pagan temple, Geghard Monastery, Lavash baking and testing master-class. Professional guide service and comfortable transport.

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Tatev, Areni, RA
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Brief description

The Tatev Monastery is one of the most visited and famous places in Armenia, thus this is a must see destination for you. Tatev is a 9th century Armenian Apostolic monastery, located in Syunik Province. Do you love being among nature, visiting historical sights of Armenia? Are you looking forward to observing the stars, tasting the oldest wine and spending an adventurous and amazing time with friends and family? Then you should definitely take this trip. You can take a ride on world’s longest non-stop cable car! The Wings of Tatev, admire the fascinating view of Vorotan gorge and Shaki waterfall, explore some of the most famous historical buildings in Armenia, as The Tatev Monastery Complex includes 3 churches St Paul and Peter, St Mary and St Gregory churches, Pendulous Column, and the Carahunge Observotary near the Tatev Monastery. If you haven’t made up your mind yet here are 5 facts on why you should take this trip while you’re in Armenia.

  1. The Tatev Monastery was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1995.
  2. Wings of Tatev, cableway from Tatev to Halidzor was included in Guinness World Records as world’s ‘longest non-stop double track cable car’’(5.7km)
  3. The Shaki Waterfall, which is located on the left side of Vorotan’s gorge is one of the most beautiful waterfalls and must see locations in Armenia. The waterfall cascades down from 18 meters high.
  4. Hin Areni’’ holds the oldest winery. Here you can taste the most delicious wine from the best varieties of grapes.
  5. The Carahunge Observatory is 2000 years older than Stonehange and is thus considered the oldest observatory in the world.
  1. Transportation on comfortable vehicles
  2. Lunch
  3. Professional guide service
  4. All tickets to mentioned historic and cultural sights, museums
  5. Drinking water in the vehicle
  6. Taxes
  1. Additional alcoholic drinks
  1. The tour for children under 4 is free of charge
  2. 50 % discount for children 4-10 is available
  3. We can organize the pick-up from your hotel in city center
  4. Please e-mail us if there are children under 4 years with you

Stop 1: 13:00
Tatev monastery and Ropeway

Goris is considered to be the most visited destination for the tourists because one of the wonders of Armenia is here. The one and only Tatev Monastery Complex, The Devil’s Bridge and The Tatev Ropeway are situated here. It is not a secret that Tatev is a fascinating place that attracts everyone. There you can see an ancient oil mill with stone grinders, mighty fortress walls upon massive cliffs, the swinging pillar which has a unique medieval structure: the last saint of the Armenian Church; ancient frescoes by European master and of course, the tomb of Grigor Tatevatsi. The Tatev Monastery was the cultural center of Armenia. Nowadays this is a must place for tourists and it is not possible to come here and not to want to see it again. In fact, in 1995 the Tatev Monastery complex was included in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

The next popular place among tourist is the Tatev Ropeway; it is the longest ropeway in the world (5, 7 km). The Tatev Gateway invites you to fly above the gorge on the Wings of Tatev. There is an audio guide which will tell you the Tatev Monastery’s history. From the cableway, you will be the witness of the most picturesque and impressive Nature of Armenia. The Wings of Tatev is a 5.7 km (3.5 mi) cableway between Halidzor and the Tatev Monastery in Armenia. It is the longest aerial tramway; the construction was finished on 16 October 2010.

Stop 2: 15:00
Carahunge observatory

Carahunge or Zorats Karer are located in Sisian, Syunik region. It is one of the world’s oldest megalithic monuments. The rows of reddish-looking monoliths that stretch from the south to the north and at the same time the exact circle are visible even from the distance. There are solid proofs that the Karahunj was built in the VI millennium BC and was an observatory. Many holes are made inside monoliths, which are clearly in line with the arrangement of stars in the sky in that era. Similar structures have also been found in Europe. The most famous of these is Stonehenge, 2nd millennium BC, in England.

Stop 3: 17:00
Shaki waterfall

Shaki is considered one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Armenia. It is located in Syunik region, which is famous for its historical and natural monuments. The waterfall is formed on the Shaki River, on the inflow of Vorotan that falls into a deep gorge from a height of 18 meters. Despite the small height, Shaki waterfall has a large capacity, and the rumbling of water is heard from afar. There is a legend connected with the Shaki waterfall. The story tells about the beautiful girl Shake, who rushed from the cliff, refusing to obey the will of the conquerors. While falling, the girl’s dress opened in the wind and turned into a waterfall. In honor of Shake, the waterfall was called Shaki. The territory of Shaki waterfall was inhabited by ancient civilizations that left traces in rock niches and grottoes. A winding road leads to the waterfall, still, you will have to leave the car and get to the waterfall by a narrow path.

Stop 4: 19:00
Areni Winery

Areni is the birthplace of winemaking. Viticulture on the territory of Armenia originated many years before our era. In Armenia, grows a lot of wild vineyard, and a large number of local varieties of grapes. And here there is the oldest winery of Armenia, where you can taste the most delicious wine from the best varieties of grapes.

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