Cultural & Gastronomic Group Tour: Garni Temple, Geghard Monastery, Lake Sevan, Sevanavank, Traditional Lunch and Dinner

Cultural & Gastronomic Group Tour: Garni Temple, Geghard Monastery, Lake Sevan, Sevanavank, Traditional Lunch and Dinner



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One-day guided tour in Armenia: Garni pagan temple, Geghard Monastery, Lavash baking and testing master-class. Professional guide service and comfortable transport.

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Garni, Geghard, Sevan
12 Hours
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Brief description

9 dishes and 3 drinks that you must taste in Armenia!!!
Cultural & Gastronomic Group Tour (traditional lunch & tasty dinner included) will give you an opportunity to visit top places in Armenia and take part in the best masterclasses on cooking and tasting typical traditional dishes with a gourmet guide! During this day trip you will explore the culture, cuisine and history of Armenia. Explore the pagan temple – Garni, UNESCO heritage listed monastery – Geghard & Lake Sevan – one of the highest freshwater lakes in the world!
Book with us & Let us show you the Land of old Legends, Biblical Stories and Ancient History!

  1. Comfortable vehicles
  2. Traditional lunch and dinner
  3. Masterclasses and degustations
  4. Professional guide service
  5. All tickets to mentioned historic and cultural sights, museums
  6. Drinking water in the vehicle
  7. Taxes
  1. The tour for children under 4 is free of charge
  2. We can organize the pick-up from your hotel in city center
  3. Please e-mail us if there are children under 4 years with you

Stop 1: 09:40
Charent’s Arch

We start our trip from Garni Temple, but before that we stop at the Charents Arch. At first glance, the Arch seems to be the most ordinary and unremarkable, but coming closer, going to the platform inside the arch and looking at the panorama, everything becomes clear – this is the best place to admire the great and sacred mountain Ararat, to be with it in unity and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Stop 2: 10:20
Garni Temple

Then you go to Kotayk region to get acquainted with the origins of Armenians, where you will see the Garni Temple, built in the 1st century AD by King Trdat III. This is the only pagan temple preserved in Armenia after the adoption of Christianity! It is assumed that the temple was dedicated to Mithra, the God of the Sun. And nearby you will find the ruins of the palace and the baths, which previously decorated the entire historical and cultural complex!

Stop 3: 11:30
Noah’s Garden

Then visit Noah’s Garden, which is very close to the Garni Temple. “Noah’s Garden” Gallery presents Armenia with its entire palette. For thousands of years, Armenia is famous for its cultural achievements, cuisine and winemaking. Here you will take part in masterclass on baking national bread “Lavash” in tandyr, as well as you will taste “Brduch” favorite snack – pita with cheese. Also learn the secret of making the most beloved delicacy, known in the world as churchkhela, and in most regions of Armenia as sudzhuh – sharots. You will taste the favorite Armenian pastry baking – Gata.
The Armenian women who cooked the gata tried to convey to the family all the warmth and love of the family, so that they would have luck all year. And also you will take part in master class on fruit vodka distillation and even taste it! Gallery “Noah’s Garden” will introduce you Armenia and make it a part.

Masterclasses and Degustations:

  • “Lavash” national bread,
  • Sweet “Sudjukh” (or “Churchkhela”),
  • “Gata” – Armenian pastry baking,
  • Armenian fruit vodka distillation
  • Pottery,
  • Carpet making.

Stop 4: 13:30
Geghard Monastery

Then you are heading to one of the most amazing places in Armenia – Geghard Monastery! Geghard Monastery is one of the greatest medieval architectural structures in Armenia. Gegard is completely hollowed out in a cave, it is also called a “cave monastery”. This monastery was founded in the 4th century AD. in the place of the sacred source originating in the cave. The name of the monastery complex Gegard (spear) is derived from Langin’s spear, which pierced the body of Jesus Christ on the cross. At the moment, this spear is kept in the Echmiadzin Museum. The monastery complex Gegard is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Stop 5: 15:00
Hearty Dinner at rural house “My Garden”

In the rural house “Im aygi”, which means “My garden” you will have your dinner. Here you can taste the most popular traditional dishes as well as Armenian Barbeque in tandoor, traditional soups and taste fresh drinks.

Hearty dinner:

  • Armenian Barbeque (Pork/Chicken),
  • Traditional Soup (Aveluk soup/Alagyaz soup),
  • Potatoes in tandoor,
  • Cheese, Greenery, Matsun, Summer salad,
  • Non alchoholic drink (Tan/Water),
  • Alcoholic drink (Apricot vodka/Armenian wine),
  • Fruits, Tea/Coffee.

Stop 6: 17:00
Lake Sevan and Boat trip

And here, you reached the blue pearl of Armenia – Lake Sevan. Lake Sevan is located at an altitude of 1,900 meters above sea level in the center of the Armenian highlands, and is the largest of the Caucasus lakes. From all sides, Sevan is surrounded by mountain ranges, from where a stunning panorama of an alpine lake opens up. The lake is famous for its purest fresh water, and the clean mountain air has a beneficial effect on health.
And here you will go for a boat trip on Lake Sevan and enjoy a wonderful evening!

Stop 7: 18:00
Sevanavank Monastery

At the end of the tour, you will visit the Sevanavank Monastery, which is located on the Sevan peninsula on the top of a hill, from where a beautiful view of Lake Sevan opens. The Sevanavank Monastery was built in the 9th century on the shores of Lake Sevan.

Stop 8: 19:00
Supper at Kambuz restaurant!

And now it is time to taste the delicious Sevan fish! Fish is baked, boiled with herbs, fried, smoked and stewed in various sauces. You have a chance to feel this juicy unforgettable taste that melts in your mouth! And as Armenia is one of the oldest wine producing regions of the world you will be able to taste the best Armenian wine! Just drink a glass of wine, and you will feel the history in only one glass!

    • Fish Barbecue in tandoor (200 – 250 grams)
    • Rice/Fried potatoes in a rural style
    • Strained Matsun, Greenery, Buried cheese
    • Lemonade/Water
    • Armenian Wine
    • Tea/Coffee

Be sure, that the unique impressions and the variety of flavors will remain in your memory for a long time!

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