From Tbilisi: Live Like a Local in Georgia and Armenia

From Tbilisi: Live Like a Local in Georgia and Armenia



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From Tbilisi: Live Like a Local in Georgia and Armenia

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14 Days
Tbilisi, Georgia
Yerevan, Armenia






Brief description

Breath-taking natural beauty, deeply hospitable people and amazingly beautiful capitals make the South Caucasus region a thrilling offbeat place to discover! This is a cultural crossroads where Europe meets Asia.

Available dates:

Arrival 3rd of June, Beginning of the tour 4th of June, Departure 18th of June
Arrival 17th of June, Beginning of the tour 18th of June, Departure 2nd of July
Arrival 3rd of July, Beginning of the tour 4th of July, Departure 18th of July
Arrival 17th of July, Beginning of the tour 18th of July, Departure 1st of August
Arrival 3rd of August, Beginning of the tour 4th of August, Departure 18th of August
Arrival 17th of August, Beginning of the tour 18th of August, Departure 1st of September
Arrival 3rd of September, Beginning of the tour 4th of September, Departure 18th of September
Arrival 17th of September, Beginning of the tour 18th of September, Departure 2nd of October

Note: On the day of arrival, we will pick you up from Shota Rustaveli International Airport, and on the next day, we start the tour. On the day of departure, we will pick you up from the family house to “Zvartnots” International Airport.

Short description:

Day 1: Tbilisi city tour (overnight in Tbilisi)
Day 2: Mesmerizing tour to Kazbegi region (overnight in Kazbegi)
Day 3: Live like local in Kazbegi, Transfer to Tbilisi (overnight in Tbilisi)
Day 4: Tour to Kakheti wine region (overnight in Kakheti)
Day 5: Live like local in Kakheti, Transfer to Tbilisi (overnight in Tbilisi)
Day 6: Vardzia, Rabati Borjomi tour (overnight in Borjomi)
Day 7: Free day in Borjomi, Transfer to Batumi (overnight in Batumi)
Day 8: Free day in wonderful Batumi (overnight in Batumi)
Day 9: Tour from Batumi to Martvili canyons and Prometheus caves (overnight in Kutaisi)
Day 10: Unforgettable tour to Svaneti (overnight in Svaneti)
Day 11: Free day in Svaneti, transfer to Kutaisi (overnight in Kutaisi)
Day 12: Transfer from Kutaisi to Tbilisi, You’ll take a night train to Yerevan (overnight in Yerevan)
Day 13: Tour to Echmiadzin snd Zvartnots Temple (overnight in Yerevan)
Day 14: Tour to amazing Garni (overnight in Yerevan)

  1. Overnights in Family houses
  2. Transportation by comfortable, air-conditioned minibus
  3. Professional guide
  4. Wine tasting
  5. Entrance fees
  6. Food and Drink
  1. Flight tickets
  2. Train Tickets
  1. You have arrival at Tbilisi, Georgia and departure from Yerevan, Armenia.
  2. We need your flight details. You should inform us via e-mail or WhatsApp

Day 1
Tbilisi City Tour
Tbilisi the city that loves you!

After having overnight in Family house, our guide and driver pick you up and start the tour at 17:30 o’clock.

During the day we show you various fascinating and hidden places of this stunning city. Our journey starts with a nice walk, through the old street to the Metekhi church. You listen to the great history of the Tbilisi foundation. Through the old Shardeni Street and open-air market of carpets, we visit Sioni church and unique clock tower of the Puppet Theater Rezo Gabriadze. Also, you learn the story about Anchiskhati Church and through the Bridge of peace, we walk in Rike Park. There we taste local wine and continue our trip to the Narikala fortress. By the cable car, we reach the great statue of the Mother of Georgia. Then we descend from the mountain, through the narrow streets to the fortress Narikala. From the fortress, you enjoy magnificent views of Tbilisi’s old part: Metekhi Church, Monument of Vakhtang Gorgasali and Sulfur baths district. We take memorable photos and continue our road to the sulfur baths district. On the way, you enjoy impressive views of the “Leghvtakhevi” gorge. Along the bridge of love, we walk to the waterfall, located in the center of the capital.

This romantic city, with a rich history, attracts hundreds of thousands of travelers from all over the world. The beauty of the mountain region and distinctive Georgian culture inspired many famous writers, artists, and poets to dedicate their great creations to Georgia.

We take you to the family house in Tbilisi to have a rest and get ready to start a memorable journey in Georgia the next day. This is the first night in a Georgian family for you. You can experience famous Georgian hospitability with locals by inviting you to delicious dinner and a glass of wine.
Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 2
Tbilisi – Jinvali – Ananuri – Gudauri – Kazbegi

We travel to Mtskheta – Mtianeti region, the north-eastern part of Georgia. We pick you up from the family house and start our trip at 8:30 in the morning. We go to Kazbegi, which is 175 km from Tbilisi. We drive to the Georgian military road to the north. The first sight on the road is Jinvali water reservoir. We stop along the way to snap photos of wonderful scenery (blue-colored water in the middle of the mountains). Then we visit Ananuri fortress in a few minutes. The fortress dates to XVI-XVIII centuries and it is situated to the foreland by the river Aragvi. This is a perfect place for landscape photography. There are amazingly beautiful views of the fortress and Jinvali reservoir together. We stop in a village Pasanauri to taste the best homemade Khinkali with Georgian wine and Chacha. On the way, we find the fantastic confluence of two rivers black and white Aragvi. Our next stop will be at Gudauri, which is located on the south-facing plateau of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in Georgia. The resort is situated in the Stepantsminda District, at an elevation of 2,200 meters, above sea level. Gudauri is located in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains. The resort takes on a whole new life as a fabulous sightseeing destination with fresh air, superior areas for horse-riding, mountain biking, hiking, paragliding, etc. There is a huge monument, called the monument or Treaty of Georgievski. It is a monument built in 1983 to celebrate the bicentennial of the Treaty of Georgievski and ongoing friendship between Georgia and Russia.
We enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains during the whole way to Kazbegi. When we reach Kazbegi village, we rent a special car to take us to the top of the mountain to visit the Gergeti Trinity monastery. From the church, you will get an epic panoramic view of the whole valley. The church remains the most iconic tourist attraction in Georgia. We will be impressed by the view of Mount Kazbek, which is 5047 m height. You have much time to breathe fresh air and enjoy being surrounded by grand and spectacular mountains. You could have dinner in the evening.
We take you to the family house in Kazbegi.
Overnight in Kazbegi.

Day 3

You have three options to spend the day in Kazbegi: Live like a local Discover more sights! Have a rest, relax.
Overnight in Tbilisi

Day 4
Wine Region Kakheti from Tbilisi

We have a journey to the homeland of wine. We start our trip at 9 in the morning from Tbilisi. Our professional guide and the driver pick you up from the family house. We’re going to explore the Kakheti region, which is located in the east part of Georgia and it is the biggest region in the whole country. Kakheti is home to some of the oldest human habitations in the entire Caucasus region. After excavations archaeologists have assumed that wine has been produced here for several thousand years. Almost everywhere you go, you are invited to have a glass of red or white wine. Here you will find Georgian sweets “Churchkhela”, called “Georgian Snickers” by foreigners.

On the way, we visit “Kakhetian traditional wine-making “, that is one of the largest wine and alcohol-producing companies in Georgia and the Caucasus region. You have an opportunity to taste Georgian wines which are very different from European wines. Next, we go to Badiauri, where you are welcome to taste delicious Georgian bread and cheese. Then we have a lovely trip to Sighnaghi, one of the most beautiful towns, with its remarkably authentic architecture, charming houses, cobblestone streets, defensive wall and spectacular views of the Caucasus range. Sighnaghi was nicknamed ‘the city of love’ for all the weddings it hosts. Sighnaghi is an incredibly romantic little town that will touch everybody’s hearts. Just 2 km far from Sighnaghi, there is Bodbe monastery. The history of the Monastery is highly connected with the adoption of Christianity. The area of the monastery is covered with wonderful flowers, bushes, and vineyards. You can see the marvelous scenery of Alazani valley from here. The last stop we have in Winery Khareba which is Georgia’s largest wine cellar. There are perfect conditions for wine: 7, 7 km of tunnels and galleries sustain a constant temperature of 12-14 degrees C. You have a walking tour with a local guide, get more information about wine and taste it. The complex has an excellent restaurant and beautifully landscaped grounds. In the evening we take you to the Family house in Kakheti region. Overnight in Kakheti region.

Day 5
Free day in Kakheti region

Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day 6
Tbilisi-Vardzia – Rabati Castle – Borjomi

We start our trip at 08:30 in the morning. Our driver and the guide pick you up from the family house in Tbilisi. We have three destinations to visit in southern Georgia: Vardzia cave complex, Rabati castle, and Borjomi. We start our journey with Vardzia, which is a cave dating back to the 12th century, excavated from the slopes of the Erusheti Mountain. The road follows the upper Mtkvari River, passing through narrow canyons at Aspindza along a particularly beautiful valley cutting like a green ribbon between rocky hillsides. Excavations have shown that the area of Vardzia was inhabited even earlier during the Bronze Age. Giorgi III did not succeed in completing the building of Vardzia. The construction was brought to an end by his daughter Queen Tamar. During the reign of Tamar, the importance of Vardzia considerably increased and achieved great prosperity. Vardzia is known for the paintings of the main church. The images of King George III and Queen Tamar are found in the Assumption temple, created by the master Giorgi in 1180.

There you can find a bell tower, main church, cave dwellings, rooms, chapels, pharmacy, and wine cellars. Infrastructure includes access tunnels, water facilities, and provision for defense.

We go on the way to Rabati Castle, which is a medieval castle complex of Asian style in Akhaltsikhe. Rabati castle was developed under the influence of different cultures over centuries and this is reflected in its architecture. The fortress occupies about 7 hectares, it is divided into two parts – modern and historical. In the modern part, there is a restaurant, a hotel, cafes, and shops. In the old part of the fortress, there is the Mosque, the church, the family castle of Jakeli and the historical museum. We will have lunch in Akhaltsikhe before we continue the way to Borjomi.

Our last destination is Borjomi. Borjomi is a hydrothermal health spa resort in the southern region of Samtskhe-Javakheti in Georgia. Borjomi has an international reputation for its geothermal spring mineral water resources. We walk in Borjomi Central Park and taste mineral water Borjomi with unique healing qualities. Borjomi water won its first gold medal in 1907 in Belgium. The water has been bottled since 1896. At the end of the day, we can visit some attractions and enjoy the incredible nature in Borjomi Central Park, also explore the open-air sulfur water swimming pool, which has healing effects.

You will be invited to drink a glass of wine and enjoy with traditional Georgian Supra.
Overnight in Borjomi.

Day 7
Borjomi – Batumi

Batumi the pearl of the Black sea

We take you to the third-largest city of Georgia, Batumi, which is located on the coast of the Black sea in Adjara region. We travel over Rikoti Pass and through the longest tunnel in Georgia (1722 m). On the way to Batumi we stop in Surami and taste famous freshly baked Nazuqi (sweet bread baked in a brick oven). When we reach Batumi, the Pearl of the Black Sea, we have lunch, taste delicious Adjarian Khachapuri from this region and start the Batumi city tour.

Batumi is the city with a perfect walking area, Long Boulevard, new glass, fashionable, old 19th-century buildings, elegant squares, green parks, nice relaxation areas with lakes and fountains. All range of services, starting from restaurants and hotels ending with numerous casinos and nightclubs, diving club and yacht club.

Enjoy walking along the boulevard and find out the most notable sights of Batumi, such as Ali and Nino Monument metal structure of a man and woman passing through each other daily, symbolizing a tragic love story. Then you find a large Ferris wheel and the 145m high Alphabet Tower, the monument to Georgian old and unique script. You can see many new towers: Radisson and Sheraton hotels and Georgia’s tallest building, the 200m high Batumi Tower. Also, you find nice viewpoints, spots to take fantastic photos, Old Boulevard with many fountains, etc.

We visit Europe Square, where we see renovated old buildings and new ones in the old style surround the square. There’s a castle with astronomical clock and stunning monument of Medea in the middle. Medea is a first world-known Georgian woman from Argonauts myth who took Golden Fleece to antique Greece from oil-rich Georgian state of Colchis.

We go to Piazza Batumi. It is one of the most beautiful squares in Georgia. There are various hotels, cafés, and restaurants located on Piazza Batumi. In just a few short years, the square has become a popular international entertainment venue.

In the evening you can walk and find lots of attractions in Batumi, such as a zoological corner, a dolphinarium, and an aquarium. Also, behind 6 May Park, there is a lake, artificial one, with dancing fountains, restaurants and views to the new part of Batumi. You can take a walk along the seashore and watch the sunset.

After the trip, we take you to the family house in Adjara for overnight.

Overnight in Adjara region

Day 8
Free day Batumi

Batumi the pearl of the Black sea

Overnight in Adjara region

Day 9
Batumi – Kutaisi – Martvili Canyons – Prometheus Caves – Kutaisi

We start our trip at 9 a.m. Our guide and driver pick you up from the family house in Adjara region and take you to Imereti region, Kutaisi. We visit Kumistavi (Prometheus Cave) that is the most magnificent cave in Georgia. Kumistavi owes a famous Caucasian myth about Amirani for the sonorous naming of the “Cave of Prometheus”. The legend says that Amirani, like Prometheus, angered the Gods and was punished brutally. Days and nights eagle tormented him eating his liver, however, in contrast to the Greek giant, cruel Gods chained Amirani not to the rock, but somewhere inside a huge cave. Presumably, it is in Kumistavi. Khvamli Mountain is visible from Prometheus Cave and is the place where legend says that Prometheus was chained. There are spectacular views of stalactites, stalagmites, petrified waterfalls, underground rivers and lakes of the cave. Throughout the cave, there are colorful lights, ranging from orange, red to pink and blue. You have two options to enjoy with an impressive cave tour. You may choose a walking tour along the 1600m route or the boat ride along the underground river.

After this, we’re traveling to Martvili. This wonderful place located in the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region, Georgia. The small city of Martvili is just half an hour away from Kutaisi. Martvili district is truly one of the gorgeous places in Georgia – combining a unique natural environment. You will be shocked by brilliant scenery, sensational waterfalls and a boat trip in the river with deep green color. You can lend a boat with a boatman and he will take you to an unforgettable journey between high rocks in Canyon. The walls of the canyons are covered with moss. Martvili canyons are an amazing place to have an adventure with family, friends, and co-workers.

In the evening, we come back to Kutaisi and stay in the family house. Traditionally, Imereti is an agricultural region, known for its mulberries and grapes. Imeretian yards are also well-known throughout the whole country, as they are decorated with traditional Georgian elements that suit the local environment. The sense of humor of Kutaisian people is recognized everywhere. Also, they are the warmest and most hospitable people in the whole of Georgia. You have overnight with very hospitable Imeratian family; you can find out something new about western Georgian traditions, taste Imeretian Khachapuri made at home by the hostess of the family.
Overnight in Kutaisi.

Day 10
Kutaisi – Svaneti

We start our journey at 09:00 in the morning. Our driver and the guide pick you up from the family house in Kutaisi.

We drive through an amazing road along the Engur Gorge, directly to the mountains. On the elevation of 1500 meters, we reach the municipal center of upper Svaneti, Mestia. This is a splendid place with stunning views and architecture, surrounded by impressive 5000 m peaks. Svaneti is one of Georgia’s most historic and unique areas and a real skiers’ dream. Until recently, Svaneti was known for its superb house-towers, most of them dating back to the 12-13th centuries, which line the valleys and served as look-out posts against the threat of invasion. A long time ago, every self-respecting Svan family had its tower, where they were protected during wars. The towers are remained like silent witnesses of those times and still delight us with their slender beauty. Those towers belong to the UNESCO World Heritage List. There is something about the region that makes you feel as if time has stood still.

The people of Svaneti are a race apart – the pace of life is different there. They have their language and traditions, their architectural style, and ancient customs that are still parts of everyday life. Close to the main square of Mestia, you can see locals driving cattle to pasture or buy fresh baked Khachapuri (cheese bread) for 30 cents from a bakery sitting in a centuries-old stone building.

We have lunch in Mestia and then we stay in a family house.

Ushguli is located at an altitude of 2,200 meters. It is situated 33km to the east of Mestia in a hard-to-access area. The community includes four ancient settlements: Zhibiani, Chvibianu, Chazhashi, and Murkmeli. They are located in the upper reaches of Enguri River, at the southern foot of the giant mount Shkhara (5193m), the highest point of the Caucasus range. Most of the architectural monuments date back to the 9-10th century. From all sides, villages are surrounded by glaciers and snow-capped mountain peaks.

Overnight in Svaneti.

Day 11
Free day in Svaneti

Overnight in Kutaisi.

Day 12
Kutaisi-Tbilisi – Yerevan

In the afternoon, our driver and the guide will pick you up from the family house in Kutaisi. Before going back to Tbilisi, you have free time for a walk in Kutaisi city. At 14:00 we start traveling from Kutaisi to Tbilisi. We take you to the Railway station in the evening to catch the train, that goes to Yerevan, Armenia.

The train leaves at 20:20 from Tbilisi and will be in Yerevan, Armenia at 6:55 in the morning.

Day 13
Yerevan-Echmiadzin – Zvartnots Temple-Yerevan

Welcome to Yerevan!

The culture and customs of Armenians have been formed for centuries. A bit hot-tempered but open-hearted and good-natured Armenians are famous for their kindness and hospitality, respect for adults, strong family values and gentle attitude to children. Almost all tourists traveling around Armenia mention these remarkable features and keep in memory the warm communication with locals for a long time.

As soon as you arrive at Yerevan, Armenia, a comfortable car with the driver and guide, pick you up from the Railway station. You can have breakfast before starting the tour.

Firstly, enjoy the tour of the religious center of Armenia – Echmiadzin. Echmiadzin is an essential part of any trip to Armenia. It is considered to be the oldest cathedral in the world. The original church was built in the early 4th century, after the adoption of Christianity. The cathedral is the main memorial of religious

Christian Armenians worldwide.

Secondly, the experienced guide will take you through the history of Zvartnots temple one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites located 5 km away from Echmiadzin. It is one of the brightest landmarks of medieval Armenian architecture. Unfortunately, like the majority of other ancient Armenian temples, Zvartnots has survived only in ruins since it was destroyed by a strong earthquake in the 10th century. But even the ruins of this temple give us the idea of its precious and majestic beauty.

After the tour, the driver and guide take you to the family house. Armenians do their best to treat their guests properly. You will witness something unbelievable. The kitchen is the Armenian women’s kingdom and they cook very well, the hostess can teach you how to cook Armenian traditional food.

Overnight in Yerevan.

Day 14
Yerevan – Garni – Yerevan

We start the journey at 8 in the morning. The driver and guide pick you up from the family house. Discover two highlights of eastern Armenia and a local culinary tradition on a 5 hours trip from Yerevan. Traveling by air-conditioned car, visit the Greco-Roman pagan temple of Garni, which towers over a triangular cape, is the unique survived example of heathen culture in Armenia. It is a blend of Greco-Roman and Armenian styles. King Trdat the First established building the temple in the first century A.D. and dedicated it to the God of Sun. After adopting Christianity in 301 the pagan temple lost its significance and the fortress of Garni became the summer residence of kings. Nowadays the ruins of the royal palace and the bathroom with a stunning mosaic work can be found near the temple.

Then we visit Geghard monastery, the unsurpassed masterpiece of the 13th-century Armenian architecture. Some of the churches of the complex are masterfully hewed in a huge rock. From the outset the complex was called Ayrivank (cave monastery), later it was renamed Geghard (spear), as the spear which was used by the Roman soldier to pierce Jesus Christ’s side, was kept in this monastery for many centuries. The complex is rich in subtle sculptural embellishments and many striking khachkars (cross-stones).

Your last stop is the family-run Three Jugs restaurant for a presentation of Armenian lavash. This traditional flatbread is made with flour, water, and salt, and its thickness depends on how thinly it’s rolled out. Traditionally, the dough is rolled out flat and slapped against the hot walls of a clay oven where it then cooks. Watch a demonstration on how Lavash is made and take the opportunity to try your hand at preparing and baking it. Then, once it’s ready, enjoy a tasting: savoring it with local cheese and green vegetables.

On the way back to the family house we have dinner.

You have been traveling and living in Caucasus regions for fourteen days, you experienced living like Georgian and Armenian people in their traditional families, you met exceptional people, they told you the stories and the history of their country, you got to know the destinations through the eyes of the locals. The hosts shared with you the secrets of local lives, showed you their culture and daily life. You learned how to cook Caucasus traditional food and you could also make for your family members and friends when you go back to your countries. Share your unforgettable and unique experience with others!

Memorable traditions and culture, beautiful mountains and breathtaking sceneries, adventurous days and unusual lifestyle in the Caucasus, it is a way to live a destination, not just visit it.

After this memorable tour in the Caucasus regions, the driver takes you to Zvartnots International Airport the next day.

Wish you a safe flight and coming back to the Caucasus region one day!

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