What should you know before travelling to Armenia in fall?

autumn in armenia

Travelling is not only about winning. If you don’t choose the right country and travel agent then you will lose money and time. So travel to Armenia, coz there is no way you lose anything here. You will enjoy everything starting from weather to history and people … And here are some things you should know before travelling to Armenia …

Armenians – A very warm welcome by friendly Armenians is waiting for you especially in warm fall…

Fall is considered to be the best time to travel to Armenia. Colors all around you and smell of harvesting in Armenia …  You will taste a large variety of fruits and vegetables in fall and if you would love you can join the farmers and be a part of harvesting. The most important and beautiful parts of Armenian fall are wine festivals. You will learn and try then taste wine making traditions of Armenia.

But fall in Armenia is not about festivals only…

Fall has presents for nature lovers too. Armenian mountains, forests, fields, lakes and rivers are breathtakingly beautiful…

And here we offer the best travel destinations in Armenia during fall

  1. Explore the nature of Tavush: if you’d like you can hike to village Gosh, if you don’t you can enjoy amazing nature and have your barbeque with friends. During hiking on your way to village Gosh you will find out Armenian culture, you will see Goshavank Monastery, built in 12th century…
  2. Tavush region keeps not only forests and lakes for you, it will also show you the Cave of Lastiver. It is one of the top fall travel destinations.
  3. Fall is also a perfect time for climbing mountains. It’s a sustainable period of time, it’s a mild season. You can climb mount Ara, in Kotayk province. During climbing you will enjoy the breathtaking view of Mount Aragats and Mount Ararat. If you are not an experienced hiker, do not worry it’ll not be hard.
  4. In autumn Armenians start eating one of their favorite dishes – khash – Khash is a dish of boiled cow or sheep parts, which might include the head, feet, and stomach. It is a traditional dish in Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Mongolia, and Turkey.
  5. And if you visit Armenia in fall, before going for hiking or climbing in Armenia, or testing Armenian traditional dishes, first of all try walking in the oldest streets of Yerevan, visit historical museums located in there. For this and other cases we highly recommend using Yerevan Card –which, being the official tourist city pass, gives free entries to almost 40 museums for free. It has other great options for first-time-visiting tourists in Yerevan.

So we hope to see you in the historical land of nature Armenia.

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