Forbes’ article about Yerevan and Armenian winemaking

areni wine yards

The well-known American magazine Forbes, which has more than 900,000 copies, has published an article about Armenia, Yerevan and Armenian wines.

The author describes Yerevan as safe, friendly city with attractive architecture and rich history. Nicknamed “pink city” because of the color of volcanic tufa rock from which many buildings are constructed. The article is titled “Yerevan is a jewel of travel, food and wine.” He advises visitors to begin exploring Yerevan from Cascade Complex, climb more than 500 stairs and admire the view of the pink city from the top.

The author also notes where to eat: “There is an ancient vineyard inside Dolmama restaurant. It continues to grow. Boris Yeltsin, Hillary Clinton, Gerard Depardieu, Julio Iglesias and other celebrities were hosted here. ” He also told about the Sarian – wine street in Yerevan, adding that the annual wine festival is being held there. He took interviews with the founders of the first wine bar in Yerevan, as well as Karas, Zorahi, Voskeni, Marani’s owners and presented their success stories. He emphasized that parallel with the Velvet revolution in Armenia, there was a wine revolution as well, since at least 10 years before Armenians were drinking only vodka, brandy and beer. Now the number of wine bars has increased by 10 times.

The author also advised to taste Armenian dishes – khapama, lahmajo, which he called Armenian pizza, as well as barbecue and gata. He also spoke about the annual barbecue festival in Akhtala. The Golden Apricot film festival has also been highlighted among the cultural events.

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