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How to deal with 6 Common Travel Problems in Armenia?!

Your travel story is made up from many events. You are the one who creates the events when traveling. And by choosing your travel agent you choose your main travel destinations, your meals, which are the most memorable part. Just remember your last trip, for sure the first thing that comes to your mind is the taste of the meals you had had their. So travel smart. They say “You do not need a therapist; you just need a good travel agent”.
When you plan your trip to Europe, don’t forget about a small country that hides big secrets. You will love this country no matter what type of traveler you are; a photographer, a tech-savvy travelers, a holidaymaker, a good planner, an adventure Travelers, a party goer or a fashionista traveler. This must-visit country is Armenia. You will find the finest pieces of art there, chip and comfy transport, unforgettable art galleries, tastiest cafes and restaurants, comfy and luxurious hotels, world well known and exclusive Armenian brand shop. The capital city Yerevan is older than Rome so just imagine how historically rich trip you will have in the first Christian country. Extreme tours, road trips and other outdoor activates are waiting for you to come and try.

There are 6 problems of traveling you can face anywhere.

 But when you are traveling to Armenia, you can fully relax and enjoy your trip by choosing Yerevan Card, the only official city   pass, which is chip but priceless.




1. Cheater taxi drivers and sellers

Well, it’s not a secret that anywhere you can meet drivers and sellers who want to earn some extramoney, and you can meet them more often in Armenia. But taking a taxi when having a Yerevan Card in your pocket is free. You can buy the most exclusive pieces of Armenian culture and symbols with 10-20%

2. Extra costs for museums, shops, cafes and restaurants for tourists

 Armenian culture is old, interesting and can captivate everybody with its richness and beauty and guess what, you can enter almost every museum in Yerevan free with any Yerevan Card.
Armenia’s capital Yerevan boasts a great dining scene, in which you can find plenty of restaurants offering local cuisine in both traditional and modern incarnations. Yerevan Card lets you enjoy Armenian food in the best restaurants with 10-20% discount.

3.The hotel you booked doesn’t quiet the image online.

We promise that if you choose you hotel with us your room will be the same image online and sometimes better.

 4. Language barriers.

Language barriers when traveling is a very common problem, but it’s not a problem with Yerevan Card family. Coz everyone at our office is fluent in English and Russian languages and will help you anytime and anywhere.

 5. Getting sick

You probably will not get sick in Armenia, because almost everyday it is warm here and medical care is really chip in Armenia.

6.Food poisoning

No Food poisoning issues in Armenia with us, coz if you have the city pass in your pocket you visit the best restaurants and cafes, also you receive a big discount for a gastrotour (food tasting and masterclasses) of Jan Armenia tours.


So, now you know that in Armenia nothing threatens you and you can enjoy every moment of your vacation! So feel free to pack your suitcase, Armenia is already waiting for you!

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