Samsonavank Monastery


Location: Tavush region
Distance from Yerevan: 198 km – 2 h 40 m
Establishment: 12 th century

Samsonavank Monastery is located in the village of Getashen, in the forest plain of Khndzorut. According to folk tradition, the monastery was built by Samson. In the bibliographic sources, information about this monument has not been preserved. But according to architectural forms it can be dated to the 12th-13th centuries. The complex’s buildings are made of gray sand, gravel stones, limestone.
The main or largest church has been preserved almost intact, the remains of religious frescos have been preserved on the inner walls. The entrance to the church from the west, on the east side a low scene is attached. The small church has a single room, the lid – with a semicircular abscess. The complex also consists of a chapel, a cemetery and a dwelling.