Deghdzut Monastery

Deghdzut monastery

Location: Tavush region
Distance from Yerevan: 156 km – 1h 40m
Establishment: 13th century

The Deghdzut monastery is located at the bottom of the forest, on the Deghdzut slopes. The panoramic view of the forest-covered mountains opens from here, and in front of it, on the uninhabited cliff lies the fortress of the Mahkanaberd princes, the historic Berdakar. With the perfection of architectural forms, with the magnificence of exterior ornaments, this monument, along with Makaravank, has a remarkable place in the Armenian art history. Historical and other information about the construction of the monument and its past did not come to us, but based on the style of the monuments it can be attributed to the 13th century. It is composed of the main church, the garden and the second church. The remains of the dwelling houses, the chapel and the cemetery are nearby. The main church was built of polished, gray and salmon stones and mortar. Domed hall is rectangular with two-story altars near the stage in the east side of the church. The cross is engraved at the entrance and decorated with delicate floral and geometrical carvings. The other church is in a standing state, a 13th century monument, renovated several times.

There are different saved names Associated with the monastery’s founders, Atabek-Sadun, monk of the Haghpat monastery Ter – Hovhannes, monk Arakel. The tomb of the latter is located at the front of the church. Deghdzut monastery, as a spiritual and cultural center, has flourished especially during the reign of Sadun prince of Mahkanaberd. It is known from the ancient manuscripts that the monastery was also a writer’s shelter during the reign of Arakel. It is supposed that Deghdzut, as a spiritual and literature center, continued its existence in the following centuries.