Armenia Traveller Information: COVID-19


In light of the recent outbreak of COVID-19, we wanted to reassure you that we’re monitoring the situation closely and providing as much assistance to visitors and tourists in Armenia as possible.

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We recommend you check the travel advisory from your local authority and the Armenian government website prior to making your travel arrangements.

 Currently, most tours are cancelled and attractions are closed. We advise you to check the availability of tours, attractions, hotels etc. before planning your trip.
We also know that your future travel plans may change, that’s why if you buy some tours or packages you can read our public contract about the cancellation policy.

Where can I get updates?

We recommend you monitor the government website for updates on the situation on a local level.

How do I contact medical or emergency services in Armenia?

The Ministry of Health of Armenia offers a dedicated online service for minor illnesses as well as resources for COVID-19 including early prevention and spotting symptoms.
Ministry of Health hotline number (local dial only): 8003
Special Commission Hotline: 8141
Special Commission # for those living abroad: +374 11208141
Armenia National Center for Disease Control hotline: +374 (0) 60 83 83 00 or +374 (0)10-550-601 or +374 (0)10-550-602
To view the latest information about covid-19 in Armenia click here

Covid-19 Application by Armenian programmers

We recommend you download application COVID-19 from Google Play or AppStore. The application allows to conduct medical self-testing of the user. The system estimates your health condition as a result of answering a number of questions and if necessary, advises you on what steps to take. COVID-19 Armenia is multi-functional and includes the latest news on our anti-coronavirus activities, health advice on how to avoid infection in various situations, the latest statistics on coronavirus, and more. In the application you can fill in and save the electronic version of the required movement sheet these days. COVID-19 Armenia works on Android and iOS phones and is available already.

Please note: our customer service team is currently handling a large volume of requests and response times may be impacted.